We kindly ask participants to send a short position paper (2 to 4 pages, NordiCHI paper format) where the authors present their own research with focus on measurement and how the data was analyzed after experiments, also problems and pitfalls can be addressed.

Research questions of interest are:

  • How was the data collected specifically (per modality or using a single metric that covers all modalities)?
  • Was the data collected separately for input and outputs, or using a single metric covering both?
  • How was the data analyzed to produce an assessment of multimodal usability/user experience?

Submit the position paper in PDF format formatted according to the ACM SIGCHI Publications Format using the SIGCHI Papers Template by email to {$ext.ml_links.fileSymbol} ammi-nordichi2012(at)prometei.de.

The deadline for submission of position papers has expired. Participation without a submission is still possible by registering over the conference website (www.nordiCHI2012.org) and sending a "sign-up" mail to the workshop organizers {$ext.ml_links.fileSymbol} ammi-nordichi2012(at)prometei.de.