Research Cluster 3

Design-principles for the development of user-centered Virtual/Mixed Reality tools - facilitating the design of tomorrow?s products

Interactive systems are needed in the early stages of digital product development in order to design, modify and evaluate digital product models. In research cluster 3, Virtual Reality (VR) methods are used and developed to facilitate direct, intuitive and tangible access to the digital product model. Hybrid, physical-digital product models play an important role, as they allow ergonomically integrating of digital and real working environment. We focus especially on interaction mock-ups, product design and construction, and rapid prototyping. This Research Cluster is supervised by

This Research Cluster is supervised by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rainer Stark.

Currently supervised colleagues/scholarship holders and projects:

Visualization of product-data in virtual reality

Elisabeth Dittrich

1st Supervisor: Prof. Dr.-Ing. R. Stark

2nd Supervisor: Prof. Dr. M. Thüring

3rd Supervisor: Prof. Dr. G. Müller-Plath

Product information current mechatronic systems are enormously complex, because different components are modeled and simulated before production. These product models with all the necessary perspectives, documentation and software applications can be confusing and may be used only with great expenditure of time.
New technologies such as virtual reality (VR) could provide a remedy, since the space for the representation of Inform tion in contrast to traditional desktop systems is very large.
The problem and question of this study is to visualize complex data product so that the VR can be used effectively in the work process and eliminating time-consuming search for Informatioen. For this to be considered among other aspects of visual attention.