Dr.-Ing. J├Ârn Hurtienne

Dr.-Ing. J├Ârn Hurtienne


Focus of work

  • Image schemas in human-machine-interaction
  • Design for intuitive use
  • Usability methods in product design
  • Usability Management
  • Ergonomic quality of software and stress at the work-place

Career progression

  • since 12/04
    Postgraduate student at the Research Training Group prometei (Prospective Design of Human-Technology-Interaction) at the TU Berlin, research project on "Image Schemas in Human-Machine-Interaction"
  • 01/01 to 11/04
    bao ? B├╝ro f├╝r Arbeits- und Organisationspsychologie GmbH in Berlin: Senior Consultant; project manager and later head of the division "Software Ergonomics & Usability Engineering"; research on usability management in SAP implementation-projects, studies on the impact of ergonomic quality of software on the stress and strain of office workers.
  • 10/94 to 03/01
    Humboldt-University, Berlin: studies in psychology with focus on cognitive ergonomics / engineering psychology; additional subjects: business studies - marketing, biology; diploma thesis: "mUltimo3D - Psychological Research on the Design and Evaluation of a Multimodal Computer System"
  • 03/00 to 12/00
    Student assistant at HHI, Heinrich-Hertz-Institut f├╝r Nachrichtentechnik (Heinrich Hertz Institute for Telecommunications) GmbH Berlin, Abt. Interaktive Medien (dept. Interactive Media); project multimo3D: research on the design of multimodal computer systems: language and gaze interaction, 3D-displays
  • 02/98 to 02/00
    Student assistant at the Chair of Cognitive Ergonomics / engineering psychology, Humboldt-University, Berlin: ergonomic evaluation of the software used in the initiative "Schulen ans Netz" ("Connecting Schools to the Net")
  • 01/99 to 02/99
    Freelancer at DaimlerChrysler AG, Berlin, Abteilung Elektronische M├Ąrkte (dept. Electronic Markets)
  • 10/98 to 12/98
    Student trainee at Siemens AG, Munich, User Interface Design Group
  • 08/97 to 10/97
    Internship at DaimlerBenz AG, Berlin, Abt. Mensch und Fahrzeug (dept. People and Vehicles)
  • 10/96 to 06/97
    Visiting Student at the University of Sussex, Brighton (UK), School of Biological Sciences: Certificate in Life Sciences

Private activities

  • History of science
  • Art & culture