Workgroups (WG)

On this site, you can find information on various workgroups. These workgroups were either initialized or are organized by members of the research training group prometei.

Current Workgroups

WG Physical Computing

Focus of this workgroup is the practical implementation of interfaces between the physical and digital world. As foundation, we develop an understanding of programming microcontrollers and building electrical circuits. With this knowledge, we design and implement experimental human-computer interfaces. This technology oriented approach complements the theoretical work in the dissertation projects.

Members from the research training group prometei: Julian Adenauer, Philippe Büttner, Monika Elepfandt, Anna Pohlmeyer, Simone Schmid, Julia Seebode, Christian Stößel, Robert Steingräber und Sebastian Welke

WG Cognitive Modelling

his working group develops methods for user modelling in human-machine systems. The main scope of our interests lies on human information processing and goal-oriented behaviour in dynamically changing environments with multiple parallel goals.

Members from the research training group prometei: Marcus Heinath, Nele Pape und Anne Klostermann, Jeronimo Dzaack, Uwe Drewitz and Manfred Thüring.

WG UX [User Experience]

ow do users experience the interaction with technology? Can one design for experience? The working group UX studies different approaches regarding the design and assessment of user experience with respect to formal research environments as well as industrial settings. The regular meetings build an inspiring platform to exchange ideas regarding this complex field at the intersection of psychology, design, and engineering. Furthermore, joint workshops and publications are being realised.

Members from the research training group prometei: Anna E. Pohlmeyer, Michael Minge and Marlene Vogel

Arbeitsergebnisse der AG UX:

  • Workshop (2010)
    Anna E. Pohlmeyer and Michael Minge organize a workshop on user experience
    The workshop will be part of the 7th International Conference on Design and Emotion 2010 held in Chicago, US from 4-7 October 2010

Finished Workgroups

WG Operators in complex Human-Machine-Systems

The Workgroup puts the focus on factors influencing the performance of operators from both a psychological and engineering point of view. First steps are to attach and define constructs from either origins and characerize their interrelationships.

Permanent members: Nina Gerard, Stefanie Huber, Jens Nachtwei und Udo Schubert

Intermediate members: Nele Pape und Bram Satriadarma

  • Results:
    Gérard, N., Huber, S., Nachtwei, J., Schubert, U., & Satriadarma, B. (accepted {$ext.ml_links.fileSymbol} (333 KB)). A Framework for Designers to Support Prospective Design. eMinds International Journal on Human-Computer Interaction.

WG Squeak as a Tool for Simulation

This working group explores the possibilities of Squeak as a tool for simulation to be used in research on human-computer interaction.

Members from the research training group prometei: Carmen Bruder, Barbara-Ulrike Gross und Cordula Krinner

WG Statistics {$ext.ml_links.fileSymbol} (19 KB)

The statistics workgroup aims at the development of guidelines to standard procedures for inference-statistical analysis of experimental designs. Additionally, special methodological and statistical questions concerning the research and that arise during planing and analysis of experiments shall be answered. The work is based on a Wiki, which captures results of the workgroup's efforts and main studies. The spectrum of considered topics is enriched by the invitation of outside speakers from associated departments.

Members from the research training group prometei: Nina Gerard, Saskia Kain, Jens Nachtwei, Christian Stößel, Sebastian Welke und Eva Wiese

WG Technikeinstellung

Members from the research training group prometei: Carmen Bruder, Caroline Clemens und Charlotte Glaser, Katja Karrer-Gauß