Dr.-Ing. Anne Wegerich

Dr.-Ing. Anne Wegerich

Technische Universität Berlin
Sekr. MAR 3-1
Marchstrasse 23
D-10587 Berlin
Homepage: www.mms.tu-berlin.de

phone: +49 30 314-79522
fax: +49 30 314-72581
e-mail: anne.wegerich-Entfernen Sie diesen Text-@zmms.tu-berlin.de 

Focus of work

  • Visual Communication for Ubiquitous Augmented Reality (UAR)
  • Visual Exploration Methods for AR-supported Smart Home Project
  • Development of an spatial AR-supported Smart Kitchen (UARKit)
  • 3D-Information Integration and Presentation based on HCI criteria
  • Perception and Interaction in spatial AR and 3D information spaces

Career progression

  • ince 11/2007
    Scholarship in the research training group prometei at the Technische Universität Berlin, funded by the DFG
  • 04/2007 ? 10/2007
    Researcher at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, subject image and signal processing and pattern recognition, Project ?Integrated Optical Image Recognition System? in cooperation with the German Aerospace Center Berlin
  • 10/2000 ? 04/2007
    Study of Technical Computer Science (Minor Subject Psychology) at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and Medizinische Universität zu Lübeck Diploma Thesis: ?Colour as a Feature for Discrimating Motor Vehicles? (Colour Image Processing)
  • 02/2004 ? 04/2007
    Tutor at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, subject signal processing and pattern recognition, advisor of students projects in the area digital technology and web applications
  • 02/2004 ? 10/2007
    Assistance in the Workshop of Ideas ?Women for Computer Science?and in the project FiNCA (Women in Natural Sciences on Campus Berlin-Adlershof), workshops for pupils in digital technology, robotic seminars, organisation of conferences
  • 2000
    Abitur at Gymnasium Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn in Kyritz


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Workshops/ Conferences

  • Workshop ?Informationsaufnahme und ?verarbeitung im 3D Raum?, Mensch & Computer 2009, Berlin, Germany.
  • Doctoral Symposium, KogWis 2008, Dresden, Germany.
  • FiNCA Conference -?Haben Naturwissenschaften ein Geschlecht?? 2007. Berlin, Germany.
  • Workshop ?Circuit Design and Microprocessor-Programming for everyday applications?. 1st international promise and club lise conference 2006. Berlin, Germany.

Books: Cover Design/ Illustrations / Book CD

  • Meffert, B., Hochmuth, O. (2004). Werkzeuge der Signalverarbeitung. Grundlagen, Anwendungsbeispiele, Übungsaufgaben. München: Pearson. ISBN 978-3-8273-7065-5
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