Welcome to the website of the research training group prometei!

The research training group prometei develops and integrates methods, procedures and tools in order to investigate the human-machine interaction already in the early development phases of technical systems. Main issues of prospective design of human-technology-interaction are treated in an interdisciplinary and comprehensive mode. One of the central objectives is to enhance the dialogue and the exchange of knowledge and methods between the participating disciplines. The PhD students are supported and accompanied by a sophisticated course programme.

The research training group is situated at the Center of Human-Machine Systems of the University of Technology of Berlin (spokesman). The portfolio of the scientists of the University of Technology is completed by partners of the Humboldt University of Berlin and the Fraunhofer Institute of Production Systems and Design Technology.

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Our research training group is financed by the German Research Foundation as part of the programme "Research training group" from 1 October 2004.


The DFG Research Training Group "prometei" terminates at 30.09.2014. This finishes a 10-years period of successful work. There are no more opportunities for scholarships. This homepage just serves a documentation of the research performed.

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